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SHOW NOTES: When Lisa Sicard of InspireToThrive visits the show, there’s sure to be something to learn and this time, it’s all about GMB, or Google My Business. Lisa starts by explaining why Google My Business is a way to get notice and promotion of your business via Google. And everyone wants that, right? The …

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Talking Business in the C-Word World

Business Re-Start in a New World is the copy on this Title Slide for the Episode "Talking Business in the C-Word World" for the MSSYBiz dot com site and MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast by Sue-Ann Bubacz

SHOW NOTES: Staying positive is much easier said than accomplished especially at a time like this. The overriding doom of a slowing economy is only dwarfed by the bigger fear of widespread sickness and death. Of losing people you love, and know. If you aren’t feeling a little personal upheaval, there’s something wrong.  Not to …

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Vision: How to Clearly Find It

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SHOW NOTES: In recent training for the How to Bling Your Blog online course, there’s an introductory time period where the importance of understanding your business, intimately, is examined. Creating a Mission/Vision/Values or Statement of Purpose or developing a Business Manifesto helps to achieve a unified understanding and direction for your business. But, one thing …

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What Does it Mean to Sizzle in Your Business?

What does it mean to Sizzle in Your Business? Now is the perfect time for bringing the extras to do your best business.

SHOW NOTES: How do you turn up the sizzle in your business? In this episode of the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast, taking a three-word look as an overarching theme helps. And although it’s March, it’s never too late to turn up the heat on business! Chris Brogan came up with this 3-word theory …

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Blogging Out of Stuck-in-the-Muck

SHOW NOTES: It’s not hard to get stuck in the muck when you are a content producer. In this episode, I mention how much fun and work the new course I am doing with Ryan Biddulph is and how I may be off-schedule in doing this podcast. However, as a content writer, producer, and designer, …

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Stuck in the Muck Blog

SHOW NOTES: This lesson is a pep-talk more than anything else because building a blog is a big job, takes time, work, and can be frustrating. It’s okay. It works that way for everyone. The most successful bloggers in the world almost uniformly report that building a successful business blog took years of work and …

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How to Start Your Relationship Building Journey

SHOW NOTES: Well, you’re in luck because we have a special guest to talk about exactly how to grow that oh-so-coveted email list by creating irresistible “Lead Magnets.”  Thank you so much for being here, Yolanda McAdam of YSocial Marketing! Yolanda is a marketing consultant who specializes in creating and implementing custom marketing strategies for …

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Start 2020 Off Right

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SHOW NOTES: This time, how about the transcript? Welcome to MSSYBiz 2020 Hello and welcome to the first MSSYBiz Podcast of 2020. I’m Sue-Ann with WMB and I want to first say how much I appreciate you listening to the show today! And anytime!  If you’re familiar with the show, you know the topics are …

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