Talking Business in the C-Word World

Business Re-Start in a New World is the copy on this Title Slide for the Episode "Talking Business in the C-Word World" for the MSSYBiz dot com site and MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast by Sue-Ann Bubacz
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Staying positive is much easier said than accomplished especially at a time like this. The overriding doom of a slowing economy is only dwarfed by the bigger fear of widespread sickness and death. Of losing people you love, and know. If you aren’t feeling a little personal upheaval, there’s something wrong. 

Not to mention the bigger pressure of maintaining your business to survive. 

For me, as a longtime small business owner, fear to survive in business isn’t new. Oddly, that gives me a pinch of comfort right now because, let’s face it, as a small business owner, turmoil is something we’re particularly good and comfortable with, you know? 

For all time, things are often a little bit harder for the small business owner with plenty of risk and very few knights riding in to the rescue. So it’s just one more time, albeit like no other, to roll up your sleeves. The opening to this post says it all, so for you and your business, it comes down to two choices: Try or Don’t.  It’s that simple. 

An Attitude to Succeed

I don’t know about you, but one thing decades in business gives me is an attitude to succeed. And so the obvious answer to Covid to me, is to keep going. Do the best you can. Everyone has a unique circumstance but each knows things they can do right now. 

Out of constraints comes creativity, out of chaos comes growth. Out of fears comes love. So, please continue your bravery dear business owner, freelancer, and Solopreneur of all makes. 

As always, we must continue to do our best work now, in whatever way we can, and expect to emerge as a better, stronger business in the future. 

For some business types that means pivoting to serve in new ways. For some, it means a time for re-grouping and revitalizing assets for the near future. For some it means new services or products for what’s needed and relevant right now and for beyond, too. 

Whatever the case for you, the answer is to try, do your best, and most importantly, to keep moving. Inertia is a killer more than any epidemic for a business. Or dare I say, for a business person

It’s not about merely staying positive but about moving forward with positive actions. It’s about allowing yourself to create with abandon for a better tomorrow even if you can’t see it now. Yet.

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