When Lisa Sicard of InspireToThrive visits the show, there’s sure to be something to learn and this time, it’s all about GMB, or Google My Business.

Lisa starts by explaining why Google My Business is a way to get notice and promotion of your business via Google. And everyone wants that, right?

The first steps she recommends for you is to:

  • Claim Your Business – Confirm your business with GMB.
  • Fill out all the info – Categories are very important, so fill out as much info as you can.
  • Verify your business – This may take a few to several days.

To optimize your chances for getting more notice, Lisa makes these useful suggestions to get you started:

  • Share events and posts
  • Share pictures and products
  • Use video
  • Ask for REVIEWS – VERY important!

If you don’t have a website, you can get one via GMB at this time, says Lisa and that’s a WOW…

But we bother recommend for your professional business website and blog.

There’s also another update for those using Google Adwords that allows you to spend a $50/monthly budget to get a check-marked verified GMB account. This may help with visibility via Google as well.

Your GMB dashboard will give you insights over time and has been called “a robust tool for search.” It may be a good thing for your business consideration.

We also talked about Andy Crestodina’s recent post on Orbit Media where he discusses why and how you should own at least keywords for your own business name and why it’s so important for organic growth.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and investigate how you and your business show up in the knowledge panel when you conduct a Google search.

GMB for Your Digital Business

I was under the impression for a long time that GMB only mattered for local businesses. It turns out that you can claim your business, even if it’s primarily a digital enterprise now! Everyone can now get a little extra Google love perhaps by setting up your GMB account and verifying yourself there. Good News!

You don’t have to give an exact address if local business isn’t what you’re after. So, no need to be alarmed to check it out.

Remember, Lisa suggests you make your knowledge card look and reflect what you want by filling in GMB details. Showcase what you want there!

Are you ready to try GMB for your business? Any other questions for Lisa?

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