MSSYBIZ for Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors on the MISSYBiz Podcast have a unique agreement for the best combination of mixed media and promotions strategies tailored to suit and benefit both sponsors and listeners, as well.

Aligning sponsorships with products and services we use and love makes us confident to mention them to our audience in the spirit of helpfulness. 

Are you interested in sponsoring the MSSYBiz Podcast?

Sounds great!

We do not promise or endorse or ever assume liability for third-party interactions from our sponsor companies. For more information, see the Cookie Use, Affiliate Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc. here on the website. 

We deliver your shiny Sponsorship Package in a written proposal explicitly designed for your unique business specs, giving you sponsor details and action steps. And a great big virtual hug, too!! 

Sponsorship Packages include a multi-platform cohesive strategy:

  • Verbal Promotions during MSSYBiz Podcast episodes, as scheduled
  • Links to you, to relevant associated resource pages, to sales pages
  • Mentions: posts/sites as relevant for additional linking possibilities
  • post or page opportunities about just YOU! (LP’s?)
  • Social Media promotion/distribution schedule for multi-channel
  • Visuals, Widgets, Media creations to enhance above & highlight YOU
  • PR, Goodwill, and a Collaborative spirit to nurture mutual benefits
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