You may want to grab a cup of coffee or tea for this page, but I hope you have a sec to relax and hear me out.

Because. Well. I struggle with the About Me Page!

And, it’s because what I’m really all about is doing the absolute best work possible for you. What kind of work that is depends on each client, or project, but it all starts with strong writing at the foundation.

And I love writing:)

But, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is:  am I exceptionally good at what I do and how can I help you? So, for my About Me Page, I’m going to share my process to partner with you to help build your digital imprint and business.

It’s as simple as ABC, or well, ABCD in this case. (Psst, if you’re stuck on a bio, here you go.)

My Process to Partner with You to Help Build Your Digital Imprint and Business:

A is for All About You! Learning about your business, products and services, customers, culture, and competitors, inside and out, is the key to an effective partnership and understanding a project’s scope. Let’s get acquainted.

B is for Building your Business Blog, starting with a well-planned Content Marketing Strategy or strategy review. The heart of your digital hub lives in your blog as does the ability to grow traffic to your website and social reach. Having a robust content hub over time is the most critical digital asset you can create for your business. But managing and creating original, creative, high-level content, consistently, AND while meeting your highest quality standard, isn’t always easy. I can help you find clarity and focus for your blog and content plan. Need a blog editor?

Crafting Content Within a Core Strategy

Crafting a Content Marketing Strategy gives you a map so you stay on track while producing valuable content assets for your website. Most importantly, strategic content mapping allows you to design customer experience and align with the goals you want to reach for your business.

C is for the Content Cure: Get Yours! Creating valuable content assets for businesses is my passion like your business is yours. Let me worry about your content headache for you. You know you’re in good hands and I have a plan. Let me help you get this content thing right while you do something else. One-of, series pieces, or ongoing content creation to suit your business needs and style. Let’s talk.

D is for Digital Diligence for melding business goals with active digital strategies. For example, developing a Content Marketing Strategy requires taking a 360-degree look to develop a workable digital framework. Gaining a focused direction happens by analyzing and combining key elements including website, blog, and appropriate business KPI’s (key performance indicators) for a unified approach.

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