Meet Toytographer, Brian Carr, and Reignite Your Imagination

MSSYBiz Interviews Toytographer, Brian Carr, Sept. 2022

I’m so excited to introduce you to toytographer, Brian Carr, to help him announce his newest and most exciting project, the premiere of his Toytography Magazine, debuting September 2022! Yes you can grab a digital or print copy right now and I think you’ll enjoy and relish in this dedicated founder’s first edition celebrating toy photographers.

More importantly, Brian Carr is driven to share, promote, and propel both art and imagination for you to create stunning photographs of figures with realism and depth. His Toytography Magazine resonates with heart and insight and a desire to lift this unique genre and fellow creators, higher.

Brian expresses a critical emphasis on using imagination for elevated results in toytography but strives to take his craft higher in other ways. #ToytographyMag

Brian’s generous spirit and fun sense of humor in combination with talent, insight, and play make his work both admirable and prolific.

He’s “not playing around,” as I joke in the interview!

But, Brian surely is on a mission to spotlight his passion, teach what he knows, and inspire and showcase toytographer creatives worldwide. His love for imagining, designing, and shooting a wide variety of characters runs the gambut from fierce to humorous, reflective to exploding, and everything in between.

Besides selecting your favorite cover of four for the magazine’s first edition, Brian shares useful tips, new ideas, and features the work and an interview with toytographer, SirDork.

Batman Cover 1 Toytography Magazine
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Spiderman Cover 2 Toytography Magazine
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Cover 3 Toytography Magazine by Brian Carr
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Cover 4 Toytography Magazine by Brian Carr
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A Toytographer’s Story

Brian’s attention to detail concludes when his built-in home audience approves. Delightful approval that is! And Brian lights up talking about the talents and exchange of ideas and inspiration he finds with his children. He’s especially in awe of his son and the patience level he shows shooting stop-motion for his own projects.

I love how play is part of his process, and how Brian tries to imagine himself as the character he’s shooting to determine poses and other action factors. Through years of trial and error– and I can only imagaine how many shots– Brian continually hones his craft. In this first edition of the Toytography Magazine, he shares his unique take and secret techniques he’s learned over time.

If you’re not looking to learn toy photography techniques, just the eye candy and inspiration inside is sure to make you smile. Or, you may love one of the cover shots, making it more than worth the price. But hey, you don’t have to photograph only toys to grab ideas Brian shares. Yes, product photographers, for example, may find a fit in this offer!

Brian’s intriguing story demonstrates how continuing to learn, evolve, and grow for years upon years is often the pathway to finding your place.

Imagination Matters to Toyographer Brian Carr

Brian expresses a critical emphasis on using imagination for elevated results in toytography but strives to take his craft higher in other ways. His mentor, Lee Love, of Photo Mentor Academy, is one of the major influences guiding him in this exciting new direction. And in Lee’s Private Facebook for Artists of photography, Brian also connected with Crystal Rivera.

Crystal is the graphic designer (only one of her many talents) of the ToyTography Magazine logo design! I love her foresight in designing a flexible logo in order for Brian to change colors and the look and feel at a whim.

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Also, it’s pretty cool how this guy is movable and therefore usable as Brian finds useful.

One simple example, is for the favicon on his website:)

🎨LOGO DESIGN by Crystal Rivera

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Imagination and Chrystal are old friends, you see, and their collaborations since connecting through Photo Mentor are amazing. Join Photo Mentor TV’s Private Facbook Group and see for yourself; plus, learn to “SEE Like an Artist” with Lee’s tutelage! ☑ {HINT: There’s a lot of fun and creativity going on there along with professional photography insights and training for members!}

Creativity and imagination belong in business more than ever in the digital space. Brian Carr’s ability to embrace imagination and play to find innovations in his photo art is truly inspiring. His desire to share his passion and insights with the world is formidable. And Brian’s dream to bring toytography to new audiences and share the gifts of the incredible creators in this space is meaningful.

Are you embracing imagination in your business and marketing? Let me know in the comments.

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