Video Marketing for Bloggers or Creatives

Bloggers and other business and creative folks don’t particularly want to go on video and are perfectly comfortable in the role of the magician behind the curtain. Video marketing, however, is a powerful way for potential clients to get to know you. Even short promotional-type videos work to drive traffic to a post or website page. They can be an effective way to gain new reach and traffic through social sharing.

Videos can be promotional, educational, or advertorial, with how-to and explainer videos being the most popular format for video viewership.

Leveraging video is a powerful way to drive attention to your business. In this newest podcast video, you’ll see many ways to MIX, SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS by adopting a video marketing strategy of some sort. You can do various things, starting with just a few basics, to begin a video marketing campaign for your business, no matter your industry.

Videos can be promotional, educational, or advertorial, with how-to and explainer videos being the most popular format for video viewership.

To further support the idea of embracing video for your business, even if doing video isn’t your thing, the video presentation above gives you many of the latest statistics to show you just how hot video for social selling and marketing is right now. And there is plenty of data to prove it. Beyond awareness and reach, businesses gain sales directly from video marketing efforts. For this reason alone, it’s worth investigating.

The options for entering into video-making are endless, but simplicity rules. Anyone can get into it right away with little to no initial investment, besides time, of course.

The Sound of Video

Taking a professional approach to video means emphasizing two things you need to get right. The first must is quality sound. A decent yet inexpensive microphone is the one investment that matters for upgrading and stabilizing your sound. Sound quality supersedes video quality. Your sound quality is your first top priority and something to pay attention to from the start.

Also, you may have to experiment to determine the kind of mic that serves you best. The richness and tone of the right mic for you may vary by things like your voice, your studio’s size or acoustics, or your recording system. To stress this again, take time to get the audio right.

A Sound Strategy for Video Marketing

The second thing to prioritize for your video adventure is the direction you take in the content you create. Aligning your content to business objectives is the goal and one of the reasons video content strategy needs to be an initial consideration. Ask yourself key questions like who the video is for, the purpose of the individual video, and the main direction for the video collections you create. Think quality over quantity and always maintain the determined strategic direction for best results.

There are surely tons of other elements to video creation. But the two core concepts above are the most effective foundational elements you need to have in place. A mic and a plan and off you go! The phone in your hand is a camera so you have no other excuses.

If you need a little more direction to jump into video for your business, check out this FREE short walk-in-the-park mini-course, Intro to Video Marketing for Your Business. I put together to give you all the best details to start out a little more confidently and properly prepared.

Are you using video to market your business or blog? What’s working for you or not? Tell us in the comments.

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