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Title visual AI Yes or No?
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Since trying to weigh the pros and cons, ask the questions, and examine possibilities, the unknowns of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its infinite applications are growing and exciting. I still say, “AI AI, OH!”

But what brings me to this episode of the Mix/Sizzle & Shake Your Business Podcast (MSSYBiz) is a new post I’m working on about writing with passion and marketing with heart. And, of course, passion, heart, and AI don’t exactly mix so far in my experimentation with Chatgpt and other AI writing tools. I’d love for you to listen to the episode, and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.

Listen to AI Hater or Integrator now ⬇️⬇️⬇️:

As you’ll hear, I don’t find myself automatically going to my Chat or other AI buddy for writing purposes, automatically. Perhaps this human writer isn’t as yet trained to need an “artificial” intelligence helper to handle writing projects (so far). Still, it doesn’t mean AI won’t be part of my toolkit as a writer, marketer, and creator in the future. Who knows?

But, what I’m mostly experimenting with in AI are tools to help with things far harder for me than writing. Things like voice and visual creations, video AI capabilities, and for avatars or other character manifestations. What these kinds of assets can be used for is endless and can be quite inspiring and creative. But, as always, time savings and the ability to put things together above your skill level are very intriguing. Here’s a great resource to find the latest stuff for the future of AI creation tools.

This is my first AI-created image (nothing even close to what I was trying to generate! by the way.)😊:

An AI-created image. I like it, but it's nothing close to what I was trying to create!
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My first AI-created visual!

Technology to Connect with Humans

I say it in the podcast and will repeat it here, bot-to-bot communication doesn’t sound too fun to me! But to create H2H (human-to-human) interactivity, automating many things has become a time-saver, giving you extra time for hanging out with humans, like family, if you have one. The point is, as a time-saver, it’s still primarily used for a better human experience.

For example, scheduling a meeting through a calendar scheduling app saves a lot of back and forth in booking an appointment. The one I use also sets up emails to confirm the meeting with the guest and to alert me of a booking. Plus, it then schedules the meeting in my Zoom Meetings and sends me and the booked guest reminders before the meeting. This automation is useful to both parties.

On the other hand, in the podcast, I give you an example of automation that feels forced on you and more frustrating than helpful!

The key to business and using technology and automation in industry is ultimately to connect with people. Preferably people who may become customers. Right? Leading with an audience-first focus and an attitude of helpfulness, your technology will always support and add to human interaction, not eliminate it. Or, maybe that’s my hope. Thoughts?

Using Artificial Intelligence to Connect with Humans

Sooo, as I may have mentioned earlier, I still need training to even remember to test, try, or use AI for writing. I’m sorry, I have this writing thing down fairly well!!

But what really intrigues me is using digital tools to help with things I am NOT too great at doing. Like drawing or painting, maybe. Well, let’s just say it hasn’t been going that well. I may truly NOT be an artist, at least one who draws or paints, even with an AI palette buddy! Ha But remember that “prompt engineering” thing I keep saying you need to master? Well, my thousands of attempts for any possible wins for visual art nearly left me defeated.

Still, I couldn’t stop checking things out and investigating. When a friend sent me an avatar character to use, I started to get excited. Here’s what he sent and oh, what’s really fascinating is he used my voice only I never recorded these words! What? Yep. He was able to load a recording of my voice into an AI-augmented voice software, then feed it via typed dialogue which then replicated my voice and then fed the audio into the avatar’s mouth through another software. Incredible.

AI to Create What I Can’t

I call her Marketing Millie and here’s the rough green screen of the character:

When I asked him if it was possible to give her blue eyes and my signature red or pink glasses, he did that for me in PhotoShop. I then took the new more Sue-Ann version of the Marketing Millie avatar and used the same software, except I actually recorded my voice rather than generating it via text. Here’s a look at version 2 of Marketing Millie and I admit it…I was so excited to replicate what he showed me to create a talking avatar character!

You may also notice the fly-away hair was cleaned up also in this version, thanks to my friend knowing the ins and outs of PhotoShop or she may have had to stay messier! lol But at least, so far, Marketing Millie does seem to know a thing or two about Social Media Marketing.

After that, I really got ambitious and created more avatars, maybe looking for something to be me and then the idea of having different characters for some things began to get more and more appealing. Ideas are flowing about the many ways to share my voice and valuable information but with the ability to step back perhaps from having to put myself on video, where I’m truly not very comfortable.

AI Yes or No to Artificial Intelligience?

In truth, I’m struggling to get the visual tools I’m playing with to create what I’m trying to design. So, I guess I’m not a good artist even with AI art assistance. So far. Still, I’m not giving up and keep practicing and exploring a great many creative possibilities with graphics, drawings, and even videos that are pouring out to us now. The availability to use these things is incredible. Hollywood isn’t going to have anything on the average creator soon. The speed and capabilities of the tools and software rolling out right now are head-spinning. But also delightful. Perhaps a bit intimidating too.

I don’t know about you, but I like to push myself in new directions and toward new challenges. Of course, just living lately sometimes feels like a challenge. But challenges are at times opportunities in disguise. Taking that mindset, here’s a sneak peek of a project I’m (secretly, mostly) working on now, and practice at making a video using a mix of AI technologies and video editing to introduce it.

I’d love to know what you think of my experiments and explorations and what you’re using or not with AI software or tools.

Leave your thoughts in the comments, please!

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