Biz Updates, The Power of Collaborations, and a Big Announcement

This episode is a business update, in a way. But it’s also a testament to the beauty of collaborations and showcases some projects in digital you’ll want to check out. I’m also (excitedly) introducing an extraordinary new marketing show I’m working on now, and I hope you’ll find it valuable and maybe fun at some points, too.

You can grab a taste of The Marketing Mirror NOW AVAILABLE on YouTube. You’ll be hearing more about this (semi-crazy) endeavor soon. I’ll continue to work to add value and resources and hope to continue to improve the show with each episode. But for now, let’s leave it at a fun and experimental adventure that I hope you’ll love.

But more importantly, I hope you’ll check out these resources and links from the show.

The Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence by Joie Gharrity of JoieG113, a lovely person and founder of Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneurs Media Network, gets the first shoutout and a huge thank you for the perfect swag. Joie’s boundless energy and generous and loving spirit are a big part of sustaining the tremendous undertaking Joie’s inspiring project by women and for women requires.

Superstar WOMEN Entrepreneur (SWE) Media Network is carving the way for women’s voices in digital, focusing on livestreaming and podcasts and boasting an impressive panel of show hosts covering an array of topics to help women entrepreneurs lead with grace and ease in their personal and professional lifestyles. There’s nothing not to like about Joie’s SWE Media enterprise as it takes off and continues to grow, fueled by love, passion, and an extensive Hollywood marketing and branding background spanning movies, television, and digital.

Celebrating Book 3 Digital Predictions and Collaborations

I’m so pleased and proud to be part of Ross Brand’s award-winning book 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions, volume 3, for the third year in a row now. To make it all the sweeter, I was also the official editor of this year’s edition! Everything I work on, write about, produce, or collaborate on is an opportunity to learn and grow. I love learning with Ross as we work together. He’s also the reason I feel confident enough to take on a big (and essential) project like the new show, The Marketing Mirror.

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A quote from the 2023 edition of Ross Brand’s book with livestreaming and digital marketing gems…

It was super fun to show off the printed versions of two of the three first editions of the Toytography Magazine by Brian Carr, a recent guest on the podcast. The photography Brian Carr creates depicts such realism, and it’s sometimes hard to believe he is working with toy figures as the subject of his work.

Photo Mentor Lee Love At it AGAIN

Check out Lee Love of Photo Mentor Academy’s newest (and quite unique) project, The Art of Seeing, a mixed-media radio drama format and educational concoction. This innovation is really cool, and Lee has a lot of fantastic plots, twists, and learning for photographers (or anyone) in store with this original audio tale. This project was cool to brainstorm with Lee a little, and it has so many possibilities to deliver original but impactfully packaged edutainment to listeners.

Also, big thanks to Lee for the help learning about some AI techniques and software I am using for the new marketing show. Plus, he gave me the Marketing Millie character to work with (so fun) and the skeptical old woman, including creating that voice. (You can meet both characters in The Marketing Mirror in Episode 1 and Episode 2!!)

Are you feeling the power of collaborations? I’d love to know what you think of diversifying your digital projects and what you’re up to. Leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading, listening, or watching. Talk soon.

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