A Story of 3 Blog Hog Pigs

This is a story of 3 blog hog pigs who want nothing more than to build better digs! But, as you’ll find in my newly released eCourse, How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog, you need to take a good hard look at the foundation for where you build your blog. Enjoy this quick podcast and the tiny lesson here:

Welcome to the NEW AGE of Blog Bling!! Yes yes, the Blog Transformation Highway is OPEN and waiting for you to hop in and work with me to improve your blog or any blogs you’re responsible for!

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C’mon and join me for a blog learning journey online to gain more business via your hog of a blog by leveling up your blog management and know-how to produce a 24-hour marketing machine for your business.

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But taking your blog from ho-hum to hubba bubba is no easy task! Still, I want to make it easier for you. Because I know you need to gain more attention, increase traffic to your site, and entice more business offers for your services or products.

I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned creating a business from scratch through a blog. The idea is to do this in a way that moves you forward by organizing your mindset and processes to produce a quality blog to get notice.

Blogging is a big job. No doubt. But, I think things can go much smoother and faster if you know the intricacies to get all the proper components in place, sooner.

Give Your Blog a Solid Foundation to be Happy as a Pig

The first stop in the blog learning journey if you decide to join the course before the next LIVE WORKSHOP is Overlook Pointe. There, it’s important to slow down in an effort to take a hog’s eye view for clarity and focus. You want to get your blog off on the right foot, or update it, as appropriate, right? Plus, you never know when we’ll go off the map in your blog blinging journey. Some surprises have already come up!

Looking at your business goals to align with your content strategy, analyzing your business, industry, and market, and honing in on your core competencies, all matter to how you’ll approach your blog. Considering mechanics like site structure, key categories, and a plan for foundational content like evergreen and pillar pieces also play a considerable role.

However, when it comes to things like cornerstone content, the most foundational content strongholds of all, it’s easy to gloss right over them. Or miss including them altogether. These kinds of pieces are anchors to your site’s identity and a search engine findability factor as well. Not to mention, these kinds of posts are reputation builders!

These are things every blog owner or manager at any level needs to visit and revisit, often.

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Slow down to speed up!

Zoom Out to Zone In

Therefore, it’s good to slow down a minute. Think your bigger picture through now for compounding benefits as you go. Develop out a content marketing plan in conjunction with an overall marketing plan. List desired results. Figure out what actions you need to take to get those results. Turn your marketing from parts and pieces into a complete campaign.

You may need to write your plan down. I know that freaks you out but, what if it helps? In the bigger scheme of things, these first steps are critical to build a stronger foundation.

Remember, your blog and website’s jobs are to invite and delight, magnetizing business to you by connecting and engaging with people via your valuable content. Via your messaging. Via how you communicate and deliver value.

Are you (ready or) building a blog on a solid brick foundation like these blog hog pigs?

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2 thoughts on “A Story of 3 Blog Hog Pigs”

  1. When I spotted the title of this post I thought to myself, Hmm this is going to be about speed, specifically website speed and perhaps bloat. How wrong I was.

    You are so right Sue-Anne when you say that it’s the blog’s job to Invite and Delight and that a solid foundation is one of the most important factors as well.

    I recently started blogging again and one of my most important things to factor in was a decent web host with HTTP/3 capabilities. Luckily I found one and now I have a blog that loads instantly. I am still finding blogs not only without an SSL installed but also on the twenty-something year old HTTP/1.1 It kinda makes me feel sad that the content these bloggers are churning out is great but the blog itself is letting them down with a slow and bloated website.

    I recently (yesterday in fact) migrated Ryan Biddulph’s blog to my new WebHost and it now has a load speed of one hundred and fifty-five milliseconds (Ryan has actually just published a post about the experience). How’s that for a solid foundation when everyone these days want things instantly. I would say that’s a good foundation as well as being able to invite and delight.

    Thank you Sue-Anne, always good to leave some food for thought.

    • Oh my goodness, Phillip!
      What you say is so important though slightly out of my expertise! Lol So thank you for mentioning this.

      I love the work you do for Ryan!! My friend Lisa Sicard says websites are like housework; the upkeep never ends!

      Thanks for popping in even if accidently! Take care and thank you.


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