Imagination & Creativity for a Thriving Digital Adventure with Dana Gore

Title Visual with text, "Creativity + Imagination = the Magic...of Digital Dreams."
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In this interview with Dana Gore of, we talk about how Dana approaches her online creative work and handles her digital adventure. Finding her space and working from instinct and self-awareness, Dana’s digital space suits her as she helps others evoke creativity, too.

Dana talks about the beginning of all creativity being a manifestation that starts in the mind. She speaks of the importance of what we tell ourselves, you know, things in our head that start with the phrase “I am” lending to how we shape ourselves and what we do and how we are in both life and business.

Dana explains how important it is to believe in the things you back, share, and talk about or, if not, she chooses to keep an open mind, realizing there’s often not just one answer. I love how strong she is in her conviction to maintain her integrity and beliefs as she moves forward in business. One question, she asks herself before taking on a project, work, or client, is this:

“Would I do this if it weren’t for the money?”

Standing up for yourself and doing what you believe in takes a little grit, right?

Know Your Audience…

By knowing yourself and what feels right at the time, advises Dana. I love how easily Dana evolves with what feels right to her versus what is cool or what everyone else is doing! She produces “how-to” videos that demonstrate things people can do with a little information, and mostly for free!

We give a shoutout to Cori Ramos, who not only introduced us but also just completed Dana’s website design update and it’s super cool. Check out Dana’s site and Cori’s web design here:!

Dana advocates that you ask yourself questions to understand yourself and get to the bottom-line point of what truly matters. We wonder how deeply things go as questions lead to more questions. Only in answering for yourself and figuring yourself out can you discover the true you and work in a space that’s comfortable, even happy for you, as a place from which to function.

Learning and experimenting your way into the digital space, in particular, is a matter of this understanding and living your truth.

Delivering her best value online comes from a place of flow and happiness for Dana.

Career Change for Creatives, an eBook by Dana Gore showing the book cover
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“Clueless to capable” is a fun motto that’s a perfect one to adopt in the online space, a place where evolving centers around what you learn and how you give to others in an attitude strictly to help.

Dana’s Creative Toolkit

I can’t overstate the magic of Canva for creative design-making in the digital space and Dana Gore points to Canva as well as her first favorite tool pick! Yep. Everyone loves Canva, right?

And Dana’s next choice is one I haven’t tried out myself, but ipiccy sounds wonderful for creating and editing graphics. Also, she says she uses it for making art printables as well.

For print-on-demand (like for tee shirts or mugs), Dana uses Printful for free designs to print on physical products!

Here are some other tools Dana Gore recommends, mostly free:

Wow, it’s going to be fun exploring this list! Plus, don’t forget Doodly or some or some of the other cool tools Dana talks about. Are you familiar with or using any of Dana’s mentions?

Sharing is Power

Creating YouTube videos and sharing through online courses is a way to claim your power and give it to the world in a meaningful way. Sharing is also learning, and one of the things we both love about online business creation. Adding your own spin is a very empowering feeling, explains Dana. She further talks about how conception stems from imagination. And, she touches on how you view possibilities that affect your ability to create. She reminds us how, when you find your flow, you decrease struggles and increase happiness in your work.

Your take?

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