Blogging Out of Stuck-in-the-Muck

SHOW NOTES: It’s not hard to get stuck in the muck when you are a content producer. In this episode, I mention how much fun and work the new course I am doing with Ryan Biddulph is and how I may be off-schedule in doing this podcast. However, as a content writer, producer, and designer, …

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Stuck in the Muck Blog

SHOW NOTES: This lesson is a pep-talk more than anything else because building a blog is a big job, takes time, work, and can be frustrating. It’s okay. It works that way for everyone. The most successful bloggers in the world almost uniformly report that building a successful business blog took years of work and …

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How to Start Your Relationship Building Journey

SHOW NOTES: Well, you’re in luck because we have a special guest to talk about exactly how to grow that oh-so-coveted email list by creating irresistible “Lead Magnets.”  Thank you so much for being here, Yolanda McAdam of YSocial Marketing! Yolanda is a marketing consultant who specializes in creating and implementing custom marketing strategies for …

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Start 2020 Off Right

Mix, Sizzle & Shake Your Business Podcast Episode 1 for 2020 post title visual

SHOW NOTES: This time, how about the transcript? Welcome to MSSYBiz 2020 Hello and welcome to the first MSSYBiz Podcast of 2020. I’m Sue-Ann with WMB and I want to first say how much I appreciate you listening to the show today! And anytime!  If you’re familiar with the show, you know the topics are …

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Twitter Tools

SHOW NOTES: Discover Twitter Tools within the platform with Lisa Sicard in this episode of “Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa.” By using Twitter for Business, you can enhance your social media efforts for your business. Tools within the Twitter platform are both helpful in ways you may not know about and, they …

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Twitter Tools, Rules, and Fools with Lisa Sicard

Use Twitter Tools...But Follow Rules title visual for podcast episode on Twitter for Business episode with Lisa Sicard

SHOW NOTES: Lisa Sicard is back to talk about Twitter tips for business and this time we talk tools. We first touch on the IFTTT (if this then that) tool and the dangers of using some automation tools on Twitter with the vagueness of their rules. Lisa is taking a skeptical approach rather than chance …

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So You Want to Be a Freelancer

Title Visual for MSSYBiz Podcast episode, So You Want to Be a Freelancer? with copy Footloose Freelancing? and a 1950's image of lady in dancing like position and colorful dress with full skirt

It sounds fun and fancy-free to work for yourself so being a freelancer sounds compelling. I LOVE working for myself and have for most of my life…more than half, anyway:) But, in truth, freelancing and managing any small business enterprise as an owner or solopreneuer isn’t always fun and games. SHOW NOTES: You have a …

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Sweet Tweets for Business with Lisa Sicard, Part 2

Sweet Tweets for Business Title Visual for the MSSYBiz podcast website

SHOW NOTES: Welcome to part two on Twitter for Business with our Special Guest Star, Lisa Sicard, social media expert. It’s so exciting to announce the addition of our “Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa” segments to the show schedule!! If you listened to the last episode featuring Lisa, you are already aware …

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Splish Splash & Important Stuff

How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog Visual Invite from Ryan Biddulph and Sue-Ann Bubacz

Thinking of chillaxing and reading in a late-night hot tub session, my book and I hopped in, ready to go. But then, tragedy struck as no reading glasses were anywhere in sight. I guess I can just bubble up, steam up, clean up, and just relax, right? Well, no not me. I’m not one for …

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Increase Your “Twitterness” With Lisa Sicard

Follow us on Twitter Visual showing blue twitter bird with a wooden sign saying "Follow Us" with @SueAnnBubacz and @Lisapatb twitter handles in text

SHOW NOTES: Ready to increase your “Twitterness?” I thought so… Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive, and Social Media SuperStar is our guest as we take you back to the sweet tweets of summer and introduce her new Social Media segments for the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS PODCAST called “Thriving Full Throttle on Social …

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