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How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog Visual Invite from Ryan Biddulph and Sue-Ann Bubacz
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Thinking of chillaxing and reading in a late-night hot tub session, my book and I hopped in, ready to go. But then, tragedy struck as no reading glasses were anywhere in sight.

I guess I can just bubble up, steam up, clean up, and just relax, right? Well, no not me. I’m not one for sitting still. Nearly ever. I fidget in any situation where “normal” people sit still. I wonder if an electric charge emanates out of me, sometimes. Oh well.

Then I spy my phone, sitting right in reach on the marble ledge and my heart lights up! I can do a podcast episode and talk about some of the recent goings-on around here. Oh yay. I have a few cool things to share…


You can check out the post and podcast interview I did on Study the Solopreneuer, by Dana Gore, to hear some secrets I reveal about me and tips for writers/freelancers.

I also mention how happy I am to have friends like Lisa Sicard, Sharon Hurley Hall, Cori Ramos, and Ryan Biddulph, all who have recently been interviewed on the MSSYBiz Podcast! Wow and hooray. So fun to get more goodies to add a new dimension to the show with smart guests like these guys!

And then, speaking of Ryan, I mention a few of the reasons why I am sooooo looking forward to kicking off the new course Ryan and I are working on, called, “How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog!” Here’s a little look into the Grand Announcement video we made to introduce the concept. And a second video to tell you a little bit more…Enjoy:

How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog

I hope you’ll hit the link below one of these videos and subscribe to join us…or at least see what we’re putting together for you and your blog! Thanks, and please leave any comments you may have about this new offer. I think it’s going to be both valuable and fun, too!

Oh, wait…why don’t I just give you a link to hop on the list to hear more about this new course, launching very soon so go here now and sign up! Thank YOU:)

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