Sweet Tweets for Business with Lisa Sicard, Part 2

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Welcome to part two on Twitter for Business with our Special Guest Star, Lisa Sicard, social media expert. It’s so exciting to announce the addition of our “Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa” segments to the show schedule!!

If you listened to the last episode featuring Lisa, you are already aware of the information, tips, and solutions for social media you can expect from Lisa. Top-notch!

We start today’s show with an introduction to Lisa (though most already know her!) since I was so excited to have Lisa, I forgot to introduce her properly on her first segment. (Sorry, Lisa.) But, be sure to listen in for Lisa’s interesting story leading her to social media. I think what she discloses may surprise you!!

#Twitter is a place to mix and meet with others! Find friends, colleagues, collaborators, and clients by engaging there. #TwitterTips

Next, a reminder of the most important Twitter for Business tips from Part 1:

  • Optimize your Twitter profile…use this space wisely and use a pic of YOU
  • Use purposeful artwork for your profile that “speaks for you without words”
  • Make use of the ability to “pin” at the top of your Twitter feed
  • Think before you link…using your ONE Twitter profile link impactfully

More Twitter Basics

Twitter is a place to meet and mix with others and that’s how Lisa and I became friends, colleagues, and collaborators!! But, getting followers takes time so Lisa suggests it takes a good 4-6 months to start getting traction. To do so, you have to be consistent and engage when tweeting!

Every 6 months or so, Lisa checks for unfollowers and cleans her follower/following lists for relevance and engagement. She warns of auto Tweet tools and penalties for using automation. [Next show…we talk tools and automating for social on Twitter.)

As your number of followers grows, you can tweet more and more…as many as 25 times a day if you have around 5k followers.

Curating topical information relevant to your audience is key to tweeting and gaining friends on Twitter. However, Lisa suggests you show some of your personality and share other interesting items to let people get a hint of who you are because people like to work with people they like.

DM NO DM NO DM NO DM NO DM NO>>Listen in because in general, we both agree it is a terrible idea to DM someone upon connecting. Especially with a direct “ask” or a sales request. And definitely NOT automated! Do keep an eye on DM’s for helping someone or for work possibilities and offers.

Lisa and I both get work via Twitter!

Be careful with multiple Twitter accounts because you can, in fact, land in Twitter Jail. Suspensions and closed accounts do happen if you aren’t careful with the rules and for any appearance of spamming. Lisa suggests you make sure you have a phone number and email associated with your Twitter account in case you need to be reinstated for any reason. NOTE: Sometimes this happens strictly by mistake!

Today’s Twitter Tips

Madalyn Sklar’s Tweet Chat is called #TwitterSmarter if you want to check it out!!

Listen in to hear the big tips of the day and take your Twitter marketing off the Twitter platform…

Hmmm. Lisa will be back soon to talk more Twitter and oh yeah, Twitter tools too.

Take a peek at IFTTT…a handy tool for Twitter…but, we’ll be talking more tools soon…

Are you enjoying Lisa’s episodes about Twitter so far? What’s on your mind around the topic, social media, you may want to hear about with Lisa on the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast in upcoming editions? Let us know in the comments, please!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Tweets for Business with Lisa Sicard, Part 2”

  1. Hi Sue-Ann, Thank you for having me again on the podcast 🙂 I really enjoyed our conversation and talking about Twitter. It’s interesting how things have changed over the years on Twitter and not at such a fast clip as some other social networks.
    Have a great day and see you back on Twitter 🙂

    • Lisa:

      So fun talking with you and learning together as we go! I appreciate all your great input for the show and can’t wait to keep the Social Media conversation going with you on MSSYBiz! Talk soon:) Thanks again for everything.

      With appreciation,


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