How to Start Your Relationship Building Journey

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Well, you’re in luck because we have a special guest to talk about exactly how to grow that oh-so-coveted email list by creating irresistible “Lead Magnets.” 

Thank you so much for being here, Yolanda McAdam of YSocial Marketing!

Yolanda is a marketing consultant who specializes in creating and implementing custom marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

One of the reasons Yolanda is such a great choice to talk about this VIP topic is that this is something she works on with her customers for a variety of business types.

Using (or offering) Lead Magnets on your website is something every business needs to do because email marketing is so fantastic to help businesses, not only grow but also get to know their customers on a more intimate level. When you gain a person’s email, you now have personal access to them.

People who aren’t already fans of yours need an incentive to subscribe to your list. A lead magnet is that incentive. via @ysocialm

Tune In To Start Digital Relationship Building With This Exact Plan

Tune in to hear a little more about Yolanda’s two businesses, YSocialMarketing, and, a Social Media Marketing site and learning center.

And now, I’m going to give you the rest of the Show Notes on this one in the form of the questions outline I presented to Yolanda. Sweetie pie (refer to the podcast to get the inside joke) Yolanda, was nice enough to write out the answers! Boy, that makes this post a whole lot easier!!

Take a Peek Right Here for
What’s Keeping Me so Busy:


Show Questions: (Thank you for writing out these answers, Yolanda McAdam!)

1.)  So, we know the purpose of a Lead Magnet is to get an email address and I even touched on why it’s so important, but exactly What is a Lead Magnet?

 A lead magnet is content that you give away in exchange for someone’s email.

2.)  I feel like the Lead Magnet you offer can take many forms, but what do you think is the latest best ideas or formats to use to create your Lead Magnet… or maybe I should say, what NOW gets the best conversion rates, do you think? (i.e. eBook, email course, video series??)

Timely in More Than One Way: Tune In

The best lead magnet is the most timely lead magnet. Let me explain: the offering that provides the solution to your target audience’s most top of mind problem will be your most successful lead magnet.  If you’re doing the good work of talking to your clients and you’re doing your research you will know exactly what content to create right now. For example, if you’re a web designer and your ideal client is a small business owner who is probably going to attempt to design her own website or is weighing up the pros and cons of designing her own site vs hiring a professional, you may want to create a checklist that reflects all the components required. 

Most people are also in a hurry. So a quick fix to their problem, like a copy and paste template, is a great incentive.

You should also take advantage of seasonal trends and trending topics. For example at the start of every new year, people want to change something about themselves or make lifestyle changes. If you’re a money coach, for example, January is a great time to create a lead magnet around budgeting and saving.  

So what I’m saying is, create at least three lead magnets and rotate them. Also, you want to have more than one because you want to run experiments. You want to know the answer to the question: Which one is the most effective? 

Take advantage of seasonal trends and trending topics for creating timely lead magnets for what people need right now. via @ysocialm

First Steps

3.)  What are the first steps for creating that “irresistible offer” and how do you go about them? (audience analysis, discovery, and kw research)

Always start with your audience.

What are their pain points? What are they struggling with right now? Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential clients and ask them. 

Next, do keyword research. Use Google’s Keyword Planner or a tool like for ideas. 

Once you’ve done this you’re ready to create your lead magnet and that lead magnet can be anything from an ebook to exclusive access to a  webinar or video.

Boy, This is Good Stuff on Lead Magnets

4.)   Can you talk a little about the next steps—for the parts you need to produce and how?  (headline, copy, visual, etc. for lead magnet form, landing page (if needed), professional lead magnet asset…)

First up, your lead magnet needs to have that WOW factor. It should be visually appealing. For example, if you’re offering an email template which of course is just words that you can share as a PDF, make sure you’ve added a background.

Your headline is everything. It needs to grab attention and it also needs to explain or make sense of the content you’re offering. 

Hire a designer and a copywriter if you can afford to. It will be money well spent. 

Next up, make sure there’s a short intro about you and what you do and add a pic of yourself because remember the lead magnet is the first step in your relationship-building journey. 

Ideally, you should create a landing page for your lead magnet that is separate from your website.  If you have optimized your copy your landing page will keep working for you as a standalone web page.  Then always end your lead magnet with a CTA. A simple invitation to engage with you will suffice.  

Create a pop-up message or use Hello Bar to promote your incentive.

Once you’re ready to share your lead magnet with the world, use social media to promote it. via @ysocialm

Final Steps

5.)  And then what…what are the final things you need to set up to offer and deliver your “irresistible” Lead Magnet? (form, ESP, delivery process points)

 You need an email marketing service like Mailchimp or Convertkit to collect emails for you and you also need to automate your WELCOME series. An email WELCOME series is absolutely crucial because after delivery of your lead magnet you want to build your relationship with your new subscriber.

Once you’re ready to share your lead magnet with the world, use social media to promote it. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook you want to pin your offering. In other words, make it the very first post people see when they visit your account. 

6.)  Final Steps or Special Notes?

Always be testing. Test headlines. And test your lead magnet. 

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Thanks for being here. Your comments, ears, and shares are appreciated.

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