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This lesson is a pep-talk more than anything else because building a blog is a big job, takes time, work, and can be frustrating. It’s okay. It works that way for everyone.

Sometimes getting stuck in the muck is part of the blog growing journey.

The most successful bloggers in the world almost uniformly report that building a successful business blog took years of work and valuable time to develop. But, in the end, it’s worth it so just hang in there and keep taking action, big or small steps, to keep making progress.

It helps if you stop and think about the organization for your blog, and view it as a business component that’s key to establishing your digital footprint and growing business via your content hub, or blog.

It’s true–mudways and delays are expected, but playing in the mud builds a stable blog! And there’re 3 ways this mud play helps you:

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Stuck in the Muck!

Don’t be alarmed if you feel stuck in the muck at any time in your blogging adventures. It’s normal. But, when you feel stuck, you can’t stop! You need to find a way to regain your footing and continue to make progress, step-by-step. If you let yourself stop, you can really muck it up! At the same time, slowing down forces you to take a serious look at things, to re-evaluate, perhaps; regroup, or fortunately, to find your focus. And oftentimes, lack of focus is the real problem, so resetting isn’t a bad thing, you know? Turn stuck time into fun time and try making mud pies. Sound good?

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Making Mud Pies!

It’s fun to play in the mud, so why not build something while we’re here instead of just wallowing around, feeling stuck in the muck. Find your creativity and if that means walking away from your blog, it’s time well spent and not wasted. But, go to the places and do the things that inspire you, get you thinking, and make you feel lighter and free. Wind and water help me to free my mind and find ideas in abundance. Yoga, meditation, and long walks are part of Ryan’s means of finding a good balance. For some people, walking their dog, working out, or running the sweeper frees their mind and spirit and stirs ideas and thinking. Or sipping tea and reading. Whatever it is for you to decompress so you can plan and create beautiful mud pies out of that awful muck where you once were stuck! Agree? 

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Digging In for Mud Shots!

So let’s make those mud pies fly by digging in to reveal the sparkly ideas and construct a concrete plan to turn ideas and inspiration into actual progress in blogging. The goal: to get back to building your resource-rich content hub…for a hubba bubba blog! This is about establishing a blogging foundation based on a well-thought-out site structure. Start with identifying key categories and main topics most relevant to your blog at this point in time. But to gain traction and make a noticeable impact on your business, you can’t just sling mud! Our mud shots to send out are crafted from mud pies, exquisitely made and methodically placed, to propel your business blog higher.

Psst, need the mud pie recipe? Stay tuned…

Find your creativity and if that means walking away from your blog, it’s time well spent and not wasted.

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