Blogging Out of Stuck-in-the-Muck


It’s not hard to get stuck in the muck when you are a content producer.

In this episode, I mention how much fun and work the new course I am doing with Ryan Biddulph is and how I may be off-schedule in doing this podcast. However, as a content writer, producer, and designer, I can promise—sometimes you may get stuck!

But, you can’t stay stuck for long because it’s important to get out there and turn inspiration into blogging. Writing and ideas are often the biggest struggles for bloggers.

But, remember, the key to writing, is WRITING! The more you do it, practice it, try it, and publish it, the better you get. So just keep writing.

Don’t kick yourself in the butt over word counts, just write regularly. Don’t count words. Quantify by quality, not quantity! Here’s the post from Henneke, talking to Hemingway, I mention to help in this discussion.

Think of yourself as a “publishing house” and if you think of your blog that way, you can take the attitude of owning your topic. When you take ownership, ideas continue to flow because you know you have every aspect to cover, in every way!

Use content silos, content clusters or hubs, and content pyramid structures to help you take a topic and make it bloom into more and more information around it.

The more you do it, practice it, try it, and publish it, the better you get. So just keep #writing.

Gather Ideas

Use the Answer the Public site for digging into questions and words for topics. Use the Google “alphabet trick” to gain wording and user intent insights. Look for top posts on a topic and find content gaps where you can add new information and expand on topics for a more comprehensive piece of work.

Use Marie Forleo’s “snatch and hatch” ideas technique! Gather insight from things you see, do, and experience out in the world, beyond your reading and research:)

Don’t be afraid to add personality to blog writing.

Keep your professional writer in order by doing your SEO (search engine optimization) work on everything you write, as a rule. It’s required in the online writing and blogging world, so do or learn to do SEO as part of your writing routine. This entails on-page, off-page, and technical applications. Every added extra to get noticed with your writing and blog posts helps, right?

If you are writing to help humans, finding ideas and inspiration is easier.

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