What Does it Mean to Sizzle in Your Business?

Are You Sharing Your Business Sizzle? Title Visual with fingers nearly touching and sparks flying between for a MSSYBiz Podcast blog post by Sue-Ann.
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How do you turn up the sizzle in your business? In this episode of the MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast, taking a three-word look as an overarching theme helps. And although it’s March, it’s never too late to turn up the heat on business!

Chris Brogan came up with this 3-word theory to help define priorities and maintain focus and I like the idea of creating cues to stay on track. But this year was a struggle for me to find my key 3 and I’m finally sharing what I came up with. I feel like my picks this year and their meaning for me may be helpful for your business, too. Or at least worthy of consideration to create a thriving business, sure not to stagnate.

to be continued… thanks:)

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