Social Media In a Time Like This with Lisa Sicard

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Lisa and I videotaped this episode talking about the state of social media in a time of crisis. Beyond social, the entire business landscape is in a state of chaos and in times like this, we need to take a different approach. Or do we? We share our thoughts and some ideas for you in this poignant episode.

Today’s topic (recorded 3/21/20) was intended to be “Twitter,” but we adjusted it a bit in light of how things are different today, suddenly. The show opened with a share I wrote for the Blog Hog Facebook Private Group, part of the How to Bling Your Blog, online course and learning journey.

A Letter to My Facebook Group:

Here’s what it says:

One day we woke up and the world was different. That day is now. But some things aren’t so different. Like me. And maybe you, too. 

We’re still here. Alive. Doing our best. But, life isn’t perfect. The truth is, it never was, and it never will be because humans are messy, confused, and well, emotional beings. 

It’s an emotional time. It’s scary and thoroughly disruptive to our existence as we’ve known it, and we are filled with more questions than answers. 

And yet, we are still who we were before, our hearts and minds intact. Our spirits are strong, so we need to move forward and keep doing the best we can, just like always. 

Warm wishes to all of you. I hope your struggles are manageable or you are working towards making them so… 

Please share your experiences, trials, ideas, and expectations as we move forward in our new world. The one we woke up to one recent day… 

More soon but for now sending a big bunch of love your way!  

Yours—Still Blinging Blogs,

Sue-Ann xo

It seems social media in some very relevant ways is elevated for communicating in a time of tragedy, bringing you ongoing updates and information, even news.

Lisa brings up the immediate concern on a human level to be seen as understanding the personal and business conditions we now are all sharing.

I say people at the center of business is not so new, but definitely is more important than ever. The whole world right now is knocked on it’s can.

Social Media Sensitivity

Twitter is a news reference which makes it more relevant than ever. Pick up Lisa’s new eBook edition, How to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter here.

We also touch on other implications to business as well as the need to stop, or at least pause, in how you proceed from a social media standpoint. Businesses are pivoting out of necessity and it may be a time for you to think differently, too.

The bigger message in our social media discussion today seems to revolve around empathy. For ourselves, for each other, and for our bigger world neighborhood.

You can see Lisa’s Tweets for the “Working From Home” topic Twitter Tweet Storm here.

Here’s a how-to video for how Lisa set up our LIVE Twitter Video chat experiment about how businesses are pivoting for the current disruptions.

For Social Listening, Lisa suggests you check out Brand24:)

Lisa gives you a sneak peek @-@! into the Twitter Creator Studio!

The bigger message in our social media discussion today seems to revolve around empathy. For ourselves, for each other, and for our bigger world neighborhood. This is a serious threat and disruption to life as we are accustomed but, we have to do our best.

At least that’s the way I hope to proceed. How about you?

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