How to Bling Your Blog ii…Hog in Motion

Adventures on the Blog Transformation Highway are about to get kicked into high gear in the pursuit of creating a resource-rich blog content hub for your business.

While business and marketing are fun, when it comes to the content of your blog, there’s a big job it shoulders in attracting and engaging with people. The very people you want for customers! Over time, your blog allows them to get to know, trust, and rely on you, as they are heading towards becoming yours:)

There’s so much more exploring to do…are you ready?

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Difficulty: Intermediate


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Sue-Ann Sue-Ann Conduit for Learning

Sue-Ann, a boutique business owner for more than half of her life, loves creating original digital content assets so businesses can make meaningful connections, build, and grow. It all starts with powerful writing! Check out her podcast, or connect with Sue-Ann via her website.

Blog Bling ii


How to Bling Your Blog, Part ii, Hog on a Mission is a learning quest designed to help you fine-tune your blog presence to grow business and sales while creating a digital footprint worth stepping in… 

[And your blog hog is on a mission in this adventure to make it all the way to blog hog heaven! You want to be a top diggity dog blog hog, right?]

By the book, this is a 6-week LIVE online learning journey, with new lessons dripped out weekly to you, along with a weekly LIVE Session for you to attend. The LIVE Sessions times and dates will be decided by what works best for the majority of students, so we’ll decide that together when the course starts. No worries, if you miss the LIVE because you can always watch the taped videos of at your convenience. They will be edited a bit and added to the weekly course content! 

The real plan is to do 7 LIVE Sessions right now, though.  (shhhhh!)

Plus, you can start getting some early work in as soon as you signup. There’s a Pre-Launch Prep List group of lessons to get you warmed up and thinking ahead of the next official start date, TBA. Be sure to take advantage of this and stay tuned for more surprises on the horizon…

The dates for working with this interactive online course is to be announced (TBA) in the very near future. SIGN UP HERE RIGHT NOW TO STAY POSTED ON LATEST UPDATES!

This is the second iteration of How to Bling Your Blog, a learning exploration of how to make your blog a successful business content hub that attracts new business for you.

It’s fun, enlightening, and you will work along with the group to actually build business blog content assets, strategies, and clarity in your blogging direction for a results-inspired blogging journey to increase your blog’s success. 

Here are a few things people are saying about How to Bling Your Blog:

“I’m very impressed with the stuff you’ve been offering. Really.” ~Amanda R.

“I always say, time flies when learning is fun.” ~April H.

“You seem well-prepared and stuck to the time which is also great. The content…good. I think new people will learn things, and people who have been around for a while, will get to clear the cobwebs out.” ~Sharon H.

“It was really good. You really got it going now, GF!” ~Lisa S.

 “Was a great LIVE today.” ~Cori L.

and here’s a lovely endorsement…thanks, Dana…💗

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