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SHOW NOTES: This time, how about the transcript?

Welcome to MSSYBiz 2020

Hello and welcome to the first MSSYBiz Podcast of 2020. I’m Sue-Ann with WMB and I want to first say how much I appreciate you listening to the show today! And anytime! 

If you’re familiar with the show, you know the topics are everything business and content. The show has been broadcasting since late 2017 and recently has featured some fantastic guests like Sharon Hurley Hall, Cori Ramos, and Ryan Biddulph. 

Also, we’re doing a new segment called, “Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa Sicard.” And, Lisa from Inspire to Thrive and I lately, are talking about using Twitter for Business because, well, yes, social media marketing is about gaining business. 

Another great way to gain business is by using “Lead Magnets” in conjunction with your website and possibly through social media, and other digital channels, as well. 

And guess what? In an upcoming episode, (very soon) I’m featuring another special guest interview, this time with Yolanda McAdam from We’re going to be talking about everything Lead Magnets for you…so be sure to stay tuned in January for Yolanda! 

Also, Lisa will be back and as it happens, we mentioned making an episode on a Facebook topic, next. But, I think we have a couple of loose ends to finish up on the Twitter topic, first. 

Start your new year right and MIX/SIZZLE & SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS by tuning into the #podcast for everything business and content. And this time, 2020 kickoff #biztips for sure.

I Love Books

Plus, Lisa will be launching an updated and upgraded version of her eBook on Twitter so listen for that big announcement coming from Lisa very soon as well. 

And speaking of books, do check out Gill Andrews’ new book, “Making Your Website Work, 100 Copy and Design Tweaks for Smart Business Owners.”

If you want to know more about it, Write Mix For Business has a post just out, talking about Gill’s book! One of the things I mention liking about the book is that it’s a sort of backup (but in writing) for some of the principals I try to share with clients, but they don’t quite always believe, so now I have Gill in writing to back me up!! Thanks, Gill:)

And, of course, if you have blogging questions keeping you up at night, pick up one of my buddy, Ryan Biddulph’s books…he has over 100 to pick from! Hop over to Blogging From Paradise and take your pick…

But What About You?

Now, let’s talk about you!! Are you gearing up to make 2020 your best year EVER? I know I am. But, in truth, I’m not one for making resolutions, because they turn into dissolutions way too quickly. Haha 

Still, I’m excited to start a new and better year, and I’m more excited than ever about my digital business. 

I’m most thrilled about the launch of my first online course…you may have seen a video or two of Ryan Biddulph and I talking about it. It’s called, How to Bling Your Blog & Feed That Hog and I am just delighted at the idea of taking another brave step with my online endeavors! 

Plus, I know Ryan will make it more fun and less nerve-racking; and, we get to work with other friends, bloggers, writers, and digital business owners like us. I think Ryan’s heard from a few newer bloggers who are going to join us and I’ve heard from at least one pro blogger who’s all in as well, so I think everyone is going to get something good from participating. Plus, we’ll all make great progress Blinging blogs left and right! Hope you’re going to join us…

So, besides joining our new course, what else can you do to get off on the right foot this year for your business, digital or otherwise? 

A 3-Word Strategy

One thing I’m doing, and you may find helpful too, is adopting Chris Brogan’s 3-word strategy to focus on your key business goals and vision for the New Year.  I find this helpful in terms of how it makes you visualize what you truly want to accomplish, and it helps you stay on track with more clarity. 

This is the third year I’m doing this exercise but, this year, I was able to attend Chris’s LIVE webinar discussing the topic and was able to hear other people’s ideas as well. Hearing so many words from different people in various businesses confused me at first because the possibilities are endless… 

But, Chris gave some further explanations about his concept and making your word choices, so that was helpful. For example, Chris prefers verbs for his picks. He says instead of thinking abstractly about something, verbs are more likely to trigger action. Action words add momentum to an otherwise stagnant ideal. Initiating consistent actions (throughout the year) to reach the desired results or outcome IS the purpose for your 3-word grouping in the first place, right? 

(I’ll give you the link on the MSSYBiz site so you can see Chris’s post, the history, and his deeper explanation of this technique for yourself. Also, you can see a bunch of examples of 3-word selections he’s used.)

2020: 3-Words Still-to-Come

For me, this year was the toughest yet to decide on my words. 

But, I have an underlying mantra for business I love and try to keep front and center … and it’s an ABC thing … as in: 




And I think this is something that not only applies to writers and artists but to businesses as well. 

My last three words were: Love, Focus, and Execute. And hey, those are pretty strong choices if I don’t say so myself. But, as Chris points out, it’s utterly important that the words you go with symbolize something powerful to resonate with a consistent meaning to you and your goals, specifically. 

I’m going to leave you with the idea of perhaps embracing Chris’s 3-word strategy to help propel you towards your best year ever. 

On the next show, I’ll share my 3 words for 2020 with you; and, you may even catch some tips and ideas to use in your business this year! 

Until then, this is Sue-Ann with WMB and I appreciate you listening! I can’t wait to see how well we Mix, Sizzle & Shake our businesses this year:) 💛 Thanks.

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How does Chris’s 3-word strategy sound to you? Please share your ideas for your 3-words in the comments below!

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