Twitter Tools


Discover Twitter Tools within the platform with Lisa Sicard in this episode of “Thriving Full Throttle on Social Media with Lisa.” By using Twitter for Business, you can enhance your social media efforts for your business. Tools within the Twitter platform are both helpful in ways you may not know about and, they are changing rapidly.

What are Tweet Storms and how can we use them?

It turns out (much to my surprise) Tweetstorms are not new but offer an opportunity to create a series of related tweets on a topic. Useful to promote an event, tell a story, or spread the latest news, Tweetstorms consist of one person’s tweets. Using them is a chance to expand on the limited characters of a single tweet to cover something of importance with a bit more depth.

You can expand on an idea, provide additional context, or extend your point by connecting pertinent tweets with Tweetstorm creations.

to be continued…

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