Mix & Sizzle Ryder Edition!

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On one of our play days, we experimented with photography, here’s Ryder!

In this episode of the MSSYBiz podcast on video, I share a few shoutouts, and my special guest star and sidekick for the day, Ryder, shares a few of her own! Despite having had surgery for two pins and a cast on her arm, Ryder plugs her favorite Pro National MotoX track where she races her 50cc motorcycle, High Point Raceway! lol

To update you, Ryder’s cast and pins are removed now, and she’s started second grade!

In case you worry about little girls who race motorcycles, maybe I better let you know her injury was from Art Camp! Anyway, this post is a recap of some of the important updates around here that Ryder and I share in this fun, sometimes funny, episode.

Shout Out to The Digital Gal

Our first shoutout mentions The Digital Gal, Amanda Robinson. Amanda is the go-to person for everything on Facebook. In particular, you can learn about or hire her for a “Swift Kick in the Ads” on Facebook. She’s THE expert, and we thank her for sending some cool Digital Gal stickers. Of course, Ryder and I are fighting over them:) I also look to Amanda as an example of great LIVE presentation techniques! Her LIVE shows are always worth watching. She makes sure to pack a punch on her LIVES so you learn something no matter the topic.

Some ShowNTell with Ryder…

Your Personal Brand

What a fun opportunity to edit Anthony Gaenzle’s latest book, The Business of Branding You: Invest in Your Personal Brand, Grow Your Career, and Gain Influence, so of course, we had to show that cover to you! Need to build your personal brand? Anthony has some decent ideas and steps to work on your personal brand, specifically your online image.

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Landscape Photographer, Frank Lee Ruggles

Breathtaking Photography

Next for showNtell, we talk about and show off our new coffee table book of photography called Chasing Light an Exploration of American Landscape by Frank Lee Ruggles. Pick this one up and explore the breathtaking beauty. You can thank me later, but I know you will be mesmerized by the spectacular images and quality of Frank’s work.

Plus, you’ll be supporting our precious National Parks Foundation. Win. Win.

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100 Digital Creators by Ross Brand

Next, Ross Brand is a master of live streaming, and his latest endeavor is all about helping people monetize their live productions. I think I’m only one of the many who knows how many people Ross helps as a rule. His generous spirit is now shining in his private mastermind group, where he regularly helps colleagues and friends with their work.

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Hit Ross up with any live streaming, audio, or video questions. Or you can check out this interview for MSSYBiz with Ross. Yes, he was kind enough to join me LIVE! And he offers all you need to know to get started with doing Livestreaming now.

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