How to Power Your Social Media

Socially grown content travels far and wide.
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If you’re anything like me, you want results from social media marketing (SMM) without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. And, you need to move forward, not slide backward in doing it! 

Truly, you need to get a powerful SMM and management plan in place without making it a full-time job. You have a business to run! There’s no doubt, however, that SMM is a critical component in your content marketing strategy. And the reasons why are compelling. 

First, social channels allow distribution and amplification of the valuable content you produce. Next, it’s a perfect noninvasive way to introduce your business, products or services, and website to the world. 

Using social media helps create brand awareness by default, plus attracts traffic to your digital properties. Most importantly, it lets you connect with people. These connections lead to conversations, collaborations, and clients. 

When effective, SMM permits you to grow your business organically, but there’s a bigger lesson to know.

Give Your Social Media Some Thought

The video above or the podcast you can listen to are both social media assets. But, if you prefer to read this discussion on improving your Social Media Marketing strategically, read How to Find Strategic Savvy for Social Media Marketing.

Further, here’s a useful compilation of current demographics from Social Sprout to help you determine where your audience hangs out on social. But remember, that’s only one part of developing a social management plan.

Learn more about Agorapulse here or better yet, take it for a spin with Lisa Sicard’s Agorapulse affiliate link here and get twice the time to try it for FREE.

CoSchedule brings you The Best Content Calendar Template to help you organize your content thoughtfully.

What about you? Are you using social scheduling tools to automate your content sharing process?

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