How to Keep Moving When Your Brain Needs a Break

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The challenges in life and business don’t stop or reset in the New Year. It’s all on you, ladies and gentlemen. You have the option to move forward or stop.

You have the power to change your world. I’m not saying anything is easy or, at times, may even feel impossible. But, I am saying it’s crucial to keep moving, hoping, working, and growing. Or at least trying.

For me, I continue to do the best I can pull off, and I work from an attitude that strives to improve in some small way each day. I count things I learn or things I improve on as wins and try to see the steps towards a win each day. Truthfully, sometimes it seems a lot easier to feel despair, especially after the trauma of the last nearly year now. But, if you expect for your business to survive, you truly better buck up, pup.

What I’m saying is that resilience isn’t just a word if you’re a business owner. You know this, too, if you’ve been in business more than five minutes.

Don’t count on or expect the government or anyone else to have your back, either. Instead, do what you have to do to make things work. Back up and punt. Or, lean on that “contingency plan” if you prefer the fancier terminology. Either way, as a business owner, you need to evolve and move on the fly.

You need to mix, sizzle, and shake things up in any way you have to to create what you need to survive. There’s no time to waste feeling sorry for yourself or your industry. You don’t get to disappear. I know sometimes you want to, though!

Mindless Production

Mindless production can help you give yourself and your brain a little break but still get things done.

What I mean is when big strategic deep thinking is boggling your mind, a good way to get clarity is to focus elsewhere. Sorting files, reviewing your end-of-year positions, and updating or tweaking your website to-do list means you get things done, yet nothing is too brain-surface breaking that it doesn’t also give you a breather and mind refresher.

Instead of taking time to produce new work, take some time instead to mindlessly brainstorm and jot down a million ideas or sparks of insight as they strike you, ready to develop later.

Audit plugins and check your budget to see if you are paying for services you aren’t using. As you narrow down your must-haves list and favorite tools, by default you will get direction for where to concentrate your time and money. Optimize your key investments by focusing on their uses for your business. Streamline processes and get organized for smoother operations.

Clean your desk, workspace, or studio. Go ahead, put in a little sweat and tears. Purge. Start anew in your work area feeling clean and fresh. Let your mind go free and design a little for both ease of use and looks.

Now for the hard part. While you’re still on your mindless but still moving tasks, you probably need to have a little chat with your favorite pal, your inner critic. Tell that little bugger over and over, you’re good where you are, and everything’s okay. Even if not true, the only way you can keep going towards better results and your goals is to get to the point where you accept your circumstances, exactly where they are, and you’re calm and ready to deal.

Inch by Inch

The funny thing about deciding to deal and taking steps to move forward is you automatically start doing better; it just happens that way! But, don’t get too comfortable. Progress is an ongoing process.

Besides, merely remaining in motion won’t get you the results you need unless you are clearly and consistently moving in an intended direction. Knowing your direction is, therefore, key. Whenever I’m revamping, upgrading, reorganizing, or evolving in my business, I revisit where that key direction and focus needs to go.

Only by clarifying your current directional framework can you properly evolve and master the actions to achieve your business goals and results.

When you have a set target, you can create the steps to get there.

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2 thoughts on “How to Keep Moving When Your Brain Needs a Break”

  1. Sue-Ann, I love this especially moving inch by inch. Every small step in the right direction can make a big difference in the long run. We always have to be ready to pivot along the way too today.

    • Lisa:

      Thanks so much. Sometimes, when I’m deep in a project, I find it easy to neglect the administrative things, too, so trying to get organized helps, in the long run, that way. Getting organized around the basics also lets me move away from feeling overwhelmed for a minute.

      Well, thank you again for stopping in and reading this one. Take care, Sue-Ann


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