Are You Building Business Relationships, Digitally?

I enjoyed a great conversation with Anthony Gaenzle, Head of Marketing, Granite Creative Group, yes, in my very own home state of Pennsylvania.

Check out the LIVE stream, now video, of the MSSYBiz podcast below!

Building relationships in the digital space is a must if you operate there, but it’s not always easy, especially at first. You’ve probably heard people say you have to be social on social, but it can feel weird until you start to interact with your connections naturally. As Anthony and I share in this podcast interview, all kinds of good happen from social conversations and connections.

As Anthony mentions, we were introduced by a colleague, Chayan Chakrabarti from India, the king of Facebook groups. And thus, our business collaboration began.

And that’s the interesting and fun part of meeting people in the digital space. What a mix of both differences and commonalities as well!

Broadcasting to social media will not gain business for you unless you take the next step and engage with people. What starts as a like or RT, curating quality content, or a mere response to a question or comment can easily lead to conversations.

Below is a pretty cool surprise from a relationship and colleague I met on social media, namely Twitter, and look, it’s an honor she’s highlighting us on Facebook! Why? Well, because our friendship grew beyond a tweet, you see? And even better, she’s highlighting the interview on relationships!

I got a few new YouTube subscribers after this interview and who knows, maybe Jaime sent me someone with her lovely surprise!

I’m so honored and thrilled, so thank you so very much, my friend, Jaime Shine, owner of Clearly Conveyed Communications. You rock and I love this so much and was very shocked (and tickled pleased) to see it:

Accolades from Clearly Conveyed Communications on the FB Page for Building Business Relationships, digitally.
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Conversations to Conversions

These conversations can and do turn into conversions, or REAL business, over time and build a relationship through mutual trust and respect. Again, rooted in conversation…you know, getting to know people.

It helps if you try to learn about others without taking a judgmental stance. I’m always surprised how inspiring so many people from every-which-where in life and location are; and, what all you can learn if you take a second to communicate.

Ultimately, if you aren’t turning social media into business relationships and eventually sales, are you wasting time on social? Besides using social media, Anthony also mentions other paths to finding business with digital tactics. But all roads lead to conversations and getting to know people who you can work with in business. Right?

One of the things we uncovered in our discussion is we are both proofs that digital businesses, built by digital means alone, are doable. Making connections online makes sales from digital viable and worthwhile. You may decide to do that with less or no social media, as some businesses and business people are opting to do lately. But digital relationships are not merely a product of being on social media, anyway.

More Tips For Business Building Relationships from Anthony

Anthony wrote this post to tell you more about how to power up strong relationships to build business if you want more tips, tactics, and details. Or, maybe he had so much fun in our chat; he wants to share it around some more! Either way, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out. I am sporting a new greenscreen for this one!

I hope you notice in this post some of my favorite digital relationships are doing their thing…

Psst…don’t forget to check in soon for the next post featuring Ms. Ileane Smith. For a sneak peek, go to the Homepage and check out the video interview…one of the best ones yet, I think. But, let me know your feedback on any of the LIVES or audio or video podcasts you happen to catch. Thanks a million…

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