A Writing Mug Rap

A Writing Mug Rap
       ...Ode to Henrietta

Sometimes writing’s
A tiny space
You occupy alone.
You struggle word by word,
Edit, and then hone,
You scrutinize intently
Your rhythm and your flow–
Your words must convey a meaning
For each who reads to know
Oh there’s so much pressure,
Trying to get it right.
Could you use a little comfort?
Someone on your side—
To support
      To warm
            To cheer you—
Every time you write?
Henneke has done it
Writing coach supreme
Bringing you Henrietta
To be there for your everything!
A magic mug
You see,
Or so my friend Gill does claim,
To inspire you
And hang with you
Each day you up your game...
Pretty soon you and Henrietta,
Will bask in the spotlight of fame!
Look, it’s already working...
Magic’s in the air—
I took a selfie challenge
And put myself out there-
And this sparked creativity
Raining down like fire
With Cynthia, and Gill, and others
Out there to inspire...
And oh boy, did they go higher!
Henrietta’s magic mugs
From Henneke’s mighty pen
Have been around the world
Then back to MY desk again.
So keep on writing in colors,
There’re stories to be told,
By you and me, for others to see,
And experience as a whole:)

Are You Sharing Magic Around?

I love feeling I am writing with a friendly companion, Henrietta, when using Henneke’s Magic Writing Mugs. It’s like someone is encouraging me as I struggle along jotting down words.

And, the poem above is the content of a most popular podcast episode. (I’m guessing, of course, it has a lot to do with Henneke sharing it to her email list!) But, the lesson for podcasting is that mixing your content types or styles is okay. A more important lesson is: when you promote others with no expectation of any return, something genuinely wonderful may return to you. You can’t imagine my delight on seeing my name in Henneke’s Newsletter! And hey, maybe I gained some listeners, entirely by accident. By making connections over time.

“Sometimes writing’s
A tiny space
You occupy alone.”~Sue-Ann

And Then It Comes Back Again

I for sure made some nice new friends on Twitter and LinkedIn, too, from being Henneke’s huge fan! A few of these guys and ladies I met in this way are great resources for on-topic content for curating on my social channels. I love making new biz friends on Twitter especially when you are social, talk a bit, and then share each others’ work. It’s a great exchange of ideas when you find those like-minded souls.

The point I’m sharing is that sometimes marketing magic for your podcast happens organically. I’m also pointing out that mixing things up with the content you offer gives listeners the element of surprise, and that’s a good thing I think:) And finally, by promoting others like I have Henneke over many years, consistently, you may get some kindness and surprising promotion given back to you. It’s all very fun and easy. [THANK YOU, HENNEKE 💜!!]

I share a lot of lessons I learn from Henneke via the MSSYBiz Podcast. Therefore, while I am promoting Henneke’s blog and content, I’m also providing valuable information to listeners, creating a WIN/WIN situation. The new friends I connected with via Henneke are also new sources of sharable stuff for the show.

So, you can easily see how sharing the expertise you learn from mentors, colleagues, and friends in business lets you keep mixing, sizzling, and shaking it up for your business. Having a little fun with my Henrietta writing mugs and hats; and, promoting Henneke was a little trip off the all-business path I usually maintain. And yet, good business things are happening.

I’m a proponent for offering a mix of content, media, and design to deliver a more interesting and unique experience for people.

A Risky Proposition

Still, publishing my rap poem feels a little risky in comparison with my usual hardcore business attitude. And yet, I think there is, indeed, a business lesson.

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