Interview With Ryan Biddulph Blogging Buddha

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This latest podcast episode is extremely special because it is my Video Interview Debut too! I’m not going to lie, I was scared to death. I barely slept with nervousness and my kitty, Subaru, was a confused audience for me practicing my intro, out loud. 

My husband’s suggestion was to lose all my gesticulations but, you’ll see, my hands and arms sometimes talk with me. Oh well. Try to be nice now…it’s my first time. Besides, I’ve made about 1,000 notes for mistakes and things I can do better next time! Did I mention I was very very nervous and quite excited?

One of the reasons I’m brave enough to go on video at all and even braver to go ahead and publish it is due to the generous support and cheering on by my very special guest, Ryan Biddulph, from Blogging From Paradise. Thank you, Ryan, for being so nice. I have a lot to improve, but the first ordeal of the first time is over at least:)

I knew from our interactions over time as a colleague and friend, if anyone would make me comfortable to take the plunge, it was Ryan. And happily, he came through with flying colors. Even as I write this I am still terrified to publish it and yet, I am smiling, and happy with what we put down on audio AND VIDEO for you!!! 

Take a deep dive into #blogging with @RyanBiddulph by checking out this NEW podcast or the video interview with Ryan, “Blogging Buddha!” #bloggingtips #contentstrategy

Welcome to a Deep Dive into Blogging with Ryan

I’m so excited to know what you think of this very special episode AND VIDEO and as always, your comments and feedback are welcome:) 

Oh, and one more thing, I want to give a little shoutout to my greatest of writing cohorts, Sharon Hurley Hall, for inexplicably drawing me out with my first video practice sessions in our private writing mentor experience, The Biz of Writing. 

And another hey ho to my young blogging pal, Rahul Bhichher, who also gave me a lovely FaceCall with him for a fun video practice and nice conversation too! THX.

The blogging community is inspiring and Ryan and I toss around ideas from different folks at all levels around the blogosphere for an interesting discussion. 

I hope you have time to check it out! 

This is the rough outline for what we cover for you, trying to dip deeper than usual in thinking through the right blogging steps to success: 

-Focus freakouts that move you away from, rather than towards, your main goals and ideas

-Rethinking the flow and purpose of content for win/win/win objectives (helping people, having fun, making business happen)

-Professionalism and branding vs speed of digital and, maybe more importantly, continuously creating … the idea of putting your ideas and work out there but not stopping there… 

-Sales and selling approaches in the digital space, income models, sales strategies, and getting to market 

-The beauty of a simple approach and how not to let technology beat you

First EVER video interview with Ryan Biddulph for MSSYBiz Podcast
Kicking Off Next 100 Shows!! Woot woot:)

Key Takeaways for Blog Success

  • Where your attention and energy goes, grows…unknown source
  • The world loves specialists…Ryan
  • Work from a place of abundance…Ryan
  • Criticism is a projection of someone else’s fear…Ryan
  • Focus is a difficult struggle but “know thyself” to improve habits…us
  • You can learn on the fly and experiment as you go in the digital space


Again, I want to thank Ryan for basically helping me to sort out my thinking about writing, blogging, and how to get organized and move forward for increased blog exposure and better success.

p.s. Check Out My Work on Ryan’s BLOGGING FROM PARADISE Blog…thanks:)

Did I mention I am much more comfortable writing than talking…especially on video?!?!?!

Thanks for checking out the MIX/SIZZLE& SHAKE YOUR BUSINESS Podcast and MSSYBiz website…your support is kindly appreciated:) Feel free to comment your thoughts…

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2 thoughts on “Interview With Ryan Biddulph Blogging Buddha”

    • Ryan:

      Still fighting myself but I did hit Publish!! You are fantastic and I can improve my interview skills and yet, still, I found a lot of what we covered to be useful enough I felt it was publishable despite me! lol

      Good News: The only way to go is UP:)

      I can’t thank you enough for doing this with me:) Take care and thanks again!!
      Most sincerely,


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